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You’re sitting at your desk and wondering how you can get hold of that elusive product that your company can exploit in your market. You’ve approached the suppliers, but they don’t want to sell there products to you. You need to talk to us.

You’re selling a product but demand is far outstripping supply. You need more but can’t find or obtain it. You need to talk to us.

You’ve got a superb product of your own that’s doing great in your home market, but you’re wishing you could break into the global market. You need to talk to us.

Some of our recent projects include;

  • Sourcing of baby formula for clients in China an Hong Kong fro Europe and the United States
  • Export of Spanish wines to China
  • Marketing of our own product, an effective 100% natural insect repellent in North America, and to malaria affected regions in Africa
  • Sourcing millions of dollars of branded perfumes for clients who manufacturers refused to supply
  • Opening up international markets to a US manufacturer of a specialist building product
  • Sourcing electronic components for European manufacturers
  • Distribution of specialist chemical cleaning products

And many others….

We have many years of experience in North American, European, Middle East, Asian and African markets, and a reputation for achieving the unachievable.

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